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Det Senior Sergeant Richard Lacey Talks About How to ‘Do More’

[mwVimeo video_id=’295490197′ width=’620′ height=’349′] Australian Police Medal (APM) and former St Thomas More College (STMC) student, Detective Senior Sergeant Richard Lacey recently spoke at a Becoming More event.

The Detective Senior Sergeant talked about what he loved about his police job and how he achieved success.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to do the National Counter-terrorism course for negotiations and that sort of stuff, which has hopefully equipped me well enough to do my day job well, because communication is a big thing in life,” Detective Senior Sergeant Richard Lacey said in the video above.

“It is probably the biggest thing that … If you can communicate well and get your point across well, and you guys were very eloquent tonight (student presenters at the event), if you can do that and get that across, you’ll go a long way to being successful in whatever you do.

“The APM, the Australian Police Medal, was a bit of a shock. It’s one of those things, you don’t apply for it, somebody does it for you, and one day you get a letter from the governor general saying, ‘Will you accept this?'”

“Probably for me, I think what I do is a team sport. So it’s not necessarily about me, it’s about the people I do it with.

“And probably something like that for your family as well, because there’s a little bit of recognition for the stuff you’ve missed over the years. The parties, birthdays, whatever, that sort of stuff. So it was a pretty good thing.

“As this is about mentoring, and the blurb touched on it, it is a passion of mine.

“I think being able to make better people, no matter what your job is, and teachers are probably the quintessential, classic example of that, if you can make better people in whatever field you choose then you leave and … Let’s use the word “legacy”, that’s exactly what it is. You leave a better legacy than when you started.”

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