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Family Achieve More with St Thomas More College

Family Achieve More with St Thomas More CollegeThe Jeeva family say St Thomas More College, Sunnybank (STMCS) gave them a sense of belonging, which has turned the children into happy learners and made them do their best.

Both parents, Jay and Anusha credit the college with being an instrumentally positive influence on their three boys – Jesh who graduated in 2011 and has completed a Bachelor of Engineering (majoring in Software Engineering) at Griffith University with Class 2B Honours, Jenay who graduated in 2016 and is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering / Bachelor of Business at QUT and Jeran who is set to graduate in 2017.

Anusha said her and her husband had some specific criteria when they were looking into schools for their children.

“We wanted a private school that was affordable and that also had a small number of students in each class so that students would get individual attention if required,” Anusha said. “We also wanted our children to attend a school that instilled a strong sense of faith in them, and STMC fulfils that.”

In the parents’ view, the relationship between school, teachers, students and family is imperative for positive outcomes for all students.

“The most significant factor would be by building a strong sense of faith and of belonging to a community – a sense of family within the school,” Mrs Jeeva said.

“I think that this sense of belonging kept the boys as happy learners and made them do their best.

“I realise that good parenting comes from home, but as a teacher myself (at another school), I give much credit to teachers and the role they play in the life of children too.

“After all, students spend more hours in a week with their teachers than their parents.”

The eldest son, Jesh received a number of academic awards during his time at school and chose not to take up leadership positions because he had decided to focus on the academic side of school life.

“I learned to organise my time in order to have a balanced life that allowed for time with friends and family too,” Jesh said. “My level of confidence definitely increased over my five-years at the College.

Looking to the future, Jesh intends to have a substantial impact on the world.

“In five year’s time, I see myself developing my business to an extent that I can help disadvantaged children from across the globe and help ease poverty and starvation in third world countries.

“I have said to my parents that ‘I want to save the world’ and I know what’s in my heart and the steps I need to take to do it.

“This is my plan.”

Meanwhile, Jenay having graduated STMCS in 2016 is enjoying the new adventure of attending university.

“It’s thanks to great teachers like Ms V and Mr Crank that I feel like I know a lot of the work being covered in my classes at uni this year,” Jenay said. “It feels like we covered first year uni material while in year 12.

“The class of 2016 Maths and Physics worked way above the syllabus for year 12’s.

“I am happily reaping the rewards of that at uni now.”

The Jeeva family say they are confident that with the leadership of the Principal, Mr Les Conroy, along with the other staff and teachers – the school will continue to grow from strength to strength.

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