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Harry will ‘Do More, Be More’ on International Playing Field

Harry is a young, rising futsal star who is about to represent Australia in the Under 14 Boys’ Representative Futsal team.

He will travel in April 2018 to the United Kingdom to be on the world sporting stage.

Students at St Thomas More College (STMC), Sunnybank live and learn by the college’s ‘Do More, Be More’ ethos, both in and out of the classroom. The values of compassion, kindness, justice, and peace are seen throughout the college’s holistic curriculum that embodies all areas of learning including intellectual, spiritual, and physical.

With a solid focus on fostering the STMC ethos and spirit through their team sporting programmes, it isn’t surprising to hear of the emerging success story that is Harrison (Harry) Matthews, a current Year 8 STMC student.

The talented player is a member of the GOL Brasil Futsal Academy that provides technical development and coaching to young, committed players to help shape the future landscape of Australian futsal.

Harry was a part of the team at the National School Futsal Championships held recently in Brisbane. It was after his exceptional performance as part of that team that he was approached to play in a higher age group for another team when their goalkeeper was unavailable.

Harry took on the opportunity with gusto and the rest, as they say, “is history”.

National team selectors watched on as Harry demonstrated his ability, attitude, and consistency throughout the tournament and then offered him his well-earnt place on the Australian team.

Asked about his experience playing within the higher age group, Harry said: “It was very challenging to play against older players, especially as a goalkeeper; they hit the ball a lot harder and play a lot faster than my normal age group.”

Before Harry heads off on his international school tour, he is set to represent Queensland in the state team that will attend the National Club Championships in Sydney in January 2018. His selection on this team was made after another outstanding performance at a regional competition.

It is at these National Club Championships that selectors will choose players for the Australian Club Team. There will only be two goalkeeper positions selected for this team, which means Harry will have to do more and be more to achieve his dream.

When asked how the STMC community has taken to the news of Harry’s sporting achievements, Principal, Mr Les Conroy said: “We are firmly behind Harry and his vision of representing Australia in club futsal.”

“We see him demonstrate his passion and perseverance on a daily basis at the college and cannot wait to help celebrate his successes with him.

“Good luck Harry, we are all behind you,” Mr Conroy exclaimed.

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