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Students Lift Off with Drone Technology

[mwVimeo video_id=’323317332′ width=’620′ height=’349′] St Thomas More College (STMC), Sunnybank launched its drone racing club with the aim to engage students and equip them with skills of the future.

College Principal, Les Conroy explained the processes and benefits of the initiative.

“Today, they had the challenge of starting the drones up, connecting them to their phones, getting some small element of control,” Principal Conroy said in the video above.

“And it’s already presented some challenges for the students, because they had to work in teams, work out who’s going be the pilot, who’s going to be the technician, and of course the design layout of the obstacle course.

“The programme came about … Mr Booth and I were actually looking at different ways to engage students at different levels at the school.

“It’ll have many benefits for these students: Teamwork, challenges, coding, and ability to control aircraft.

“But what we ultimately want is to have a drone team that’s an A-grade team that will design, make, and then race their own STMC racing drone.

“So, our plan for that is two to three years away, and so we’re hoping that the students now that are in year seven and eight will be our champion drone racers in the years to come.

“A couple other staff and I, including Scott Booth and Carl Hutchinson went into Queensland University of Technology (QUT) to visit the QUT Tiger’s e-sports programme.

“What they pointed out to us is that the gaming world is a $1 billion industry, and students can tap into that not only as gamers, but as technicians, event planners, IT, lighting and sound; because it’s an absolute showpiece of talent.

“And we’re kick-starting that as well, this year, with our own e-sports team, and we hope to have our own elite gaming team that can partner with QUT in the competition in 2020.”

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