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Welcome Back to Term Four

[mwVimeo video_id=’295074288′ width=’620′ height=’349′] St Thomas More College (STMC), Sunnybank Principal, Les Conroy has delivered a welcome back message with an emphasis on making the most of what’s left of the schooling year.

“We’d ask them (students) to maintain their focus, maintain their study, and to work hard all the way through to the end,” Principal Conroy said in the video above.

Future events were also mentioned.


Welcome back to Term Four, and I hope over the break, that you had a great time with your family, and catch up with your friends and relatives and had a wonderful time.

In the last video newsletter, I spoke about the years 12s, and keeping up the hard work right through the very end. I would ask that you have a conversation because our experience tells us that the year 12s can sometimes think that the race is done. And we’d ask them to maintain their focus, maintain their study, and to work hard all the way through to the end, because an extra grade, going from a B to an A, can make a big difference to their overall outcomes and grades, particularly if they’re university bound. I’ll also ask the vet students to make sure that they complete all their paperwork, and make sure that they complete their certificates so they can graduate with the certificates under their belt before the end of the year.

Quite often we find from our experience that year 11s get caught up in the full rear, if you’d like, of the year 12s graduating, and we find that sometimes their grades and study drops off. So I will ask you to help us with the students’ learning, and talk to them about their study and how they’re gonna finish the year strong. And that sets up a good role model for those students in seven, eight, nine and ten.

Before we know it, the eight weeks left of this term will fly past. During this term, we have the Becoming More, and you may recall Becoming More programme is for those students who are being mentored by outside agencies and outside mentors. And that project is coming to a close and we’ll be celebrating their success stories in the next couple of weeks. We also have graduation, our night of excellence, and our sports’ awards dinner. And that’ll keep us very busy now, right up until the end of term. And so I look forward to catching up with the community at those events.

On the more mundane note, about forward planning, the college leadership team will be going away with Brisbane Catholic Education, to finalise our budgeting for 2019, as well as our forward planning our projects. And I’ll look forward to the next video broadcast, where I can outline some of those major projects for 2019. In the meantime, until I catch up with you at those events, I wish you well.

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